Functional by night.

Searing rock music out of Boston, MA by longtime friends and bandmates Jeff Demas, Jeremy Kerpka, Ben Brown, and Kevin DelSignore.

OUR HEROES days in music started young; Jeff grew up in rural Vermont playing guitar and singing in his band 'Skanky Green', while Jeremy, Kevin, and Ben were rocking out together in upstate NY as 'Echoes'. Many great times were had. College came along, and before freshman year was even halfway done, Jeff and Ben had already met at the University of Rochester and formed a group called 'The Radium Girls' (while Jeremy and Kevin headed off to Boston). Many more shows, stories, and albums slipped by, and soon enough, four years had passed. Ben and Jeff moved east to Boston, and suddenly both Echoes and The Radium Girls coexisted in the same city and practice space. It took two years, but sure enough, the bands collided and 'The Functionals' was born.

Their DEBUT ALBUM, recorded at the Glens Falls Music Academy by Chris Reed, Jr. and mastered by Larry DeVivo of Silvertone Mastering is the net sum of the past two years of writing and recording as The Functionals. With five songs of hard-hitting rock and roll, The Functionals blend influences including Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Jack White, Foo Fighters, Hendrix, and beyond.

Listen, share, and enjoy. 

Jeff Demas


Originally from rural Vermont, Jeff studied Optics at the University of Rochester and is now working towards his PhD in Photonics at Boston University. He is a triple-threat songwriter, guitarist, and lead singer and is also a part of The Digs and The Radium Girls.


  • Awkward stage banter that would make a hyena sit quietly
  • A deep repertoire of Ozzy and Dio riffs
  • Poofy hair cuts

Jeremy Kerpka


Jeremy grew up in Glens Falls, NY, where he developed an obsessive love of everything Led Zeppelin. Over the years his obsessions have shifted but never lessened, ranging from Jesus Christ Superstar to Chris Cornell and all of his related bands. Along the way, Jeremy studied Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University and now works in the heavily regulated world of Finance.


  • Corroding guitar strings in less than one week
  • Making drunken homebrew recipes that are pretty good
  • Making anything 10x louder than it should be, including amplifiers, snores, and rants about german beers.



Another Glens Falls, NY native, Ben started playing upright bass because his best friend in elementary school was really tall. Along the way, he slowly mixed in more real music with his rotating Weird Al albums and his bass amps grew louder, and louder, ...and louder. College was mostly spent organizing in the local music scene, and in Boston he has found a home as an event production manager.


  • Making strange alien and animal sounds
  • Growing hair faster than he can cut it
  • Taking shots really, really, really slowly

Kevin DelSignore


The last of the Glens Falls, NY power trio, Kevin's boredom with high school band luckily didn't dissuade him from playing in a rock band. He became an engineer along the way and has moved from designing robots to designing coffee pods, though he has yet to make one which creates instant beer.


  • Drinking twice as fast and falling asleep twice as early
  • Clash of Clans at socially inappropriate moments
  • Golf when we should be having practices